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SVSI Series VSI Crusher

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SVSI Series VSI Crusher

Detailed introduction

SVSI Series VSI Crusher

Your competitive advantage:

Sanland STB Series VSI is unbeatable when you require maximum availability, low operational costs, consistent high-quality products. 

The heart of success:

The Sanland VSI rotor has been developed to prolong the lifetime of its wear parts and to increase the operational availability by reducing the time needed 

for parts changes. Deep rotor technology (DTR) makes it possible to reach the highest possible capacities with the lowest possible power consumption. 

Cascading optimizes quality:

The cascade feature enables the operator to optimize the capacity and power consumption and to manipulate the product grading and shape to meet all specification requirements.

User-friendly and minimizes downtime:

Sanland SVSI Series VSI is designed with ease of installation in mind. Foundation requirements are minimal due to the low static and dynamic forces in 


Benefts of SVSI Series VSI Crusher:

Deep rotor technology maximizes capacity(DTR)

Fine-tune product with cascading

Multiple optional features to help installation and maintenance

Sanland parts for trouble-free operation

SVSI Series VSI Crusher

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