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STMP Series Cone Crushers

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STMP Series Cone Crushers

Detailed introduction

STMP Series Cone Crushers

Sanland′s decades of experience in the design and manufacture of cone crushers has created a quantum increase in productivity, coupled with cost-effective operation and ease of maintenance.

Each of these features also contributes to an efficient use of crushing energy, which makes the entire mining operation more profitable.

Maximizing Crushing Performance:

STMP stands offer maximum power, and no similarly-sized conventional crusher can match the performance of the STMP 1000 or the STMP 800.


With field-proven technology in demanding mining operations, the STMP 1000 and STMP 800 can process more ore to the same reduction or the same quantity of ore to a finer reduction than any competity of ore to a finer reduction than any competitive unit. 


The STMP Series can be relied on for unparalleled consistency due to a number of features. Hydraulic controls allow the crushers to hold a constant setting 

while achieving unusually high reductions. A rotating bowl provides even wear in the crushing cavity while enabling crusher setting uniformity and consistent 

size reduction. 


The STMP Series is designed to operate at various speed and cavity combinations to meet a wide range of requirements. 


The STMP 1000 and STMP 800 incorporate features such as hydraulic cavity clearing and easy setting adjustment. These minimize downtime, helping ensure that the crushers are available whenever they are needed. 

STMP Series Cone Crushers

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